‘Raila is misleading public on economy’ – Samson Cherargei


‘Raila is misleading public on economy’ – Samson Cherargei

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has raised concerns regarding Azimio leader Raila Odinga, alleging that Raila is furnishing inaccurate details about the present condition of Kenya’s economy.

Cherargei pointed out that, during a television interview, Raila suggested that the opposition is considering resuming protests in 2024 because of the soaring cost of living.

Cherargei stressed the importance of honesty from the opposition leader, affirming that the county’s economy is on a positive trajectory and is anticipated to stabilize in 2024.


While addressing a funeral in Kipchimchim, Kericho County, the senator committed to preventing any setback in the government’s strides towards economic revival through street protests.

He highlighted that, unlike other nations grappling with public debt defaults, Kenya is making significant progress, successfully meeting its debt obligations.

Cherargei emphasized a notable turnaround in the agriculture sector, foreseeing improved returns for farmers and an overall economic enhancement.

Beyond economic concerns, Cherargei urged the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to provide permanent and pensionable terms to the 46,000 JSS teachers. According to him, this step is vital to ensuring uninterrupted learning in schools upon reopening.

Cherargei’s remarks contribute to a broader discussion on the country’s economic narrative, revealing heightened tensions among political figures regarding differing perspectives on Kenya’s economic outlook.

As this discourse unfolds, the senator remains unwavering in advocating for transparent communication and constructive measures to safeguard the nation’s economic recovery progress.

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‘Raila is misleading public on economy’ – Samson Cherargei



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