Raila names the 2 Politicians Set to Succeed Him


Raila names the 2 Politicians Set to Succeed Him

Raila Odinga, the Orange Democratic Movement’s leader, endorsed former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho and his Kakamega counterpart, Wickliffe Oparanya, as potential successors to the party’s leadership on Thursday, March 7.

Speaking at a rally in Wajir County, the Azimio principal expressed confidence in the two politicians while handing over the mantle.

Raila directed the duo to take over the leadership of the party as he embarks on a busy campaign across the continent for the African Union Commission chairperson position.


The former Prime Minister also urged the two leaders to unite the party and build grassroots support through recruitment drives.

“Our party will remain united, and I have Governors Oparanya and Ali Hassan Joho. We have them and they will come together,” Raila stated.

“A party can not be broken just because one person has moved to another role, a party is not an individual, a party is the party members,” Odinga added.

Odinga stated that, despite his pursuit of a new continental role, he would be available for consultations whenever Joho and Oparanya needed advice.

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Odinga dismissed allegations of party division, stating that ODM remained unified and criticising media outlets for spreading false information about the party’s internal affairs.

“They keep on saying that ODM is almost breaking up, that there are wrangles in the party. That Oparanya and Joho are scrambling for the same position,” Raila claimed.

Odinga’s announcement comes just a fortnight after his wife endorsed John Mbadi as Raila’s potential successor.

On February 23, Ida spoke at a function in Suba South and endorsed Mbadi, whom she described as Raila’s heartbeat.

“Baba as he goes to AU has mentored many to take care of what he’s left behind. Mbadi after all these years of mentorship do you still need more training? Should I continue? That’s Baba’s heartbeat,” she stated.

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Raila names the 2 Politicians Set to Succeed Him



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