Raila Odinga Promises to Concede if He Loses AU Seat


Raila Odinga Promises to Concede if He Loses AU Seat

Raila Odinga, leader of the One Kenya Coalition Party and Azimio La Umoja, has increased his lobbying for the African Union Commission Chairperson position.

The ODM leader has been holding high-level meetings with diplomats across the continent in an effort to gain support for his bid.

During a stop-over rally in Kisii on Thursday, February 29, the former premier stated that he is prepared to face anyone who comes forward to challenge him.


Raila stated that they would meet on the proverbial pitch, and if he were defeated, he would gladly concede.

“Now, I welcome whoever will want to face me on the field, if they bring me down, that’s okay,” Raila said.

The veteran politician announced that he will meet with Rwandan President Paul Kagame after receiving assurances from Tanzanian Mama Samia Suluhu.

Raila explained that he wanted the East African region to vote as a bloc in his favour, and that he was focusing on securing the Southern African vote.

“I want us to walk together and unite the continent of Africa as well as our country Kenya to progress. The other day, I met with Ruto and Museveni. I went to seek Museveni’s vote, and Ruto also came; he had some activities there. I met him and told him that I also wanted his vote. Both he and Museveni agreed that they would vote for me. Museveni himself said he would propose me.

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Now, next week I am going to see Kagame; I also want him on board. Mama Suluhu has already said she will vote for me. Now, Salva Kiir has agreed. I want to sweep all of East Africa. Then, I am heading to the south; recently, I talked to Ramaphosa, and he said yes,” he revealed.

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Raila Odinga Promises to Concede if He Loses AU Seat



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