‘Reduce Your Appetite For Taxation In 2024,’ Raila Tells Ruto


‘Reduce Your Appetite For Taxation In 2024,’ Raila Tells Ruto

The leader of the One Kenya coalition party, Raila Odinga, has issued a challenge to President William Ruto, urging him to curb his inclination for taxation and alleviate the cost of living in the country. This seems to be a direct response to the President’s New Year’s message.

Addressing the crowd at Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega County on Monday, the opposition leader acknowledged the challenging year that Kenyans have faced, marked by economic difficulties.

He called upon the Kenya Kwanza administration to cut down on Executive spending and reduce wastage as a gesture to the people in the New Year.


Odinga continued his criticism of what he sees as an oppressive taxation system, pledging to exert pressure on the government to lower taxes.

According to him, these taxes have contributed to the soaring prices of essential goods such as groceries and fuel, spiraling out of control.

The former prime minister detailed a series of measures that the opposition plans to implement in the coming year to curb what he described as the government’s excessive appetite for taxes.

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One potential strategy involves considering a return to mass protests to pressure the government into reevaluating its contentious policies.

He emphasized that it is crucial for the government to stop disregarding the concerns of Kenyans. He pledged that the heightened taxation system experienced in the country over the past year must be brought to a halt.

“Tunataka kuona mwaka huu 2024 ikiwa mzuri kuliko ile ya 2023. Tunataka ushuru ishuke na gharama ya maisha irudi chini,” said Mr. Odinga.

He committed to establishing a comprehensive anti-tax campaign with a focus on advocating for budget reductions that would enable Kenyans to retain a larger portion of their incomes.

He further stated that the opposition is prepared to initiate anti-government street demonstrations if the Kenya Kwanza administration does not repeal the Finance Act of 2023.

“Zakayo awache kutoza watu ushuru…Zakayo ashuke…akuje hapa chini pamoja na sisi,” added the Azimio chief.

Joined by fellow opposition leaders at Bukhungu Stadium, where he officiated the finals of the Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa Cup, Mr. Odinga seized the moment to advocate for reforms in the administration of football affairs within the country.

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He criticized the government for overlooking sports talent in the nation, specifically pointing out that Kakamega, despite being a hub for football talent, has been disregarded by the Ministry of Sports.

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‘Reduce Your Appetite For Taxation In 2024,’ Raila Tells Ruto



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