Ruto Announces End to NHIF


Ruto Announces End to NHIF

On March 16, President William Ruto made a public statement regarding the re-registration process for Kenyans who are previously registered in the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in order to avail themselves of the benefits provided by the country’s recently implemented universal healthcare policy.

During a public speech, President Ruto communicated his intentions for a thorough registration effort to be led by the Ministry of Health, with Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha at the helm.

This comprehensive initiative would guarantee that all Kenyans are included in the restructured healthcare system.


The shift from the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to the recently established Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF), which was made possible by the enactment of three crucial health measures by President Ruto, signifies a notable change in the country’s strategy towards public healthcare.

President Ruto provided reassurance to the residents during the commissioning of the Kyogong—Kapkesosio—Sigor—Longisa Road tarmacking project in Chepalungu, Bomet County, that the forthcoming registration campaign will ensure inclusivity and ensure that no individual is excluded.

“We are going to have universal health rolled out. The ministry will announce how you shall register afresh,” President Ruto affirmed, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring equitable access to healthcare.

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President Ruto emphasised that under the new plan, those with low incomes would be required to pay a modest monthly fee of Ksh300, which is a decrease from the previous contribution of Ksh500 under NHIF. The government will provide financial assistance to those who are unable to afford this fee.

According to him, this strategy will avert Kenyans from falling into poverty as a result of excessively high medical costs.

Furthermore, President Ruto emphasised the integration of cutting-edge technology inside the State Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) in order to address inefficiencies and corruption that have negatively impacted the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) system.

This aims to ensure that public funds are effectively utilised to provide high-quality healthcare services.

“We now have a law that establishes the Critical Illness Fund, which will be used to meet the cost of illnesses such as Cancer. No Kenyan will have to sell his property to pay medical bills,” President Ruto reassured, highlighting the government’s commitment to addressing critical health needs.

Ruto’s request to revamp NHIF follows the recent decision of hospitals associated with the Kenya Healthcare Federation to enforce cash-only conditions for NHIF patients.

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These institutions are claiming delayed reimbursements and insufficient payouts as urgent issues.

Tim Theuri, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Kenya Healthcare Federation, has highlighted concerns regarding the long-term viability of healthcare facilities in response to the persistent difficulties associated with NHIF reimbursement.

“The fragmented nature of the industry, coupled with limited access to traditional financing options like banks due to their financial standing, makes them especially vulnerable when NHIF reimbursements are delayed or inadequate,” Theuri lamented.

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Ruto Announces End to NHIF



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