Ruto Announces Gazettement of New Kenyan Tribe


Ruto Announces Gazettement of New Kenyan Tribe

President William Ruto announced on Monday evening during the Iftar Dinner at State House, Nairobi, that he would Gazette the Nubian community as a new tribe in Kenya in December 2024.

He remarked that the recognition exercise was long overdue, citing frustrations the community faced when accessing key government documents due to lack of proper recognition.

According to Ruto, the Nubian community, with a population of over 100,000, can obtain national IDs, albeit through an arduous vetting process.


This process involves scrutiny by a local grassroots committee tasked with determining citizenship by birth and affiliation with the Nubian community.

Upon approval, recommendations are submitted to immigration offices at Nyayo House, enabling individuals to acquire identity cards.

Ruto acknowledged the challenges faced by the community and noted that the gazettement process would take time, with parliamentary procedures to follow from December.

Additionally, he announced changes to the ID application process effective May 2024, stating that Kenyans would no longer undergo vetting.

“It is true the Nubian community has not been gazetted as a tribe in Kenya,” Ruto stated, “but at the moment, if they go to get an Identity Card, they are already identified as a community in the National IDs. I think it’s good to complete that process by being gazetted formally in accordance with the law as a tribe within the Republic of Kenya.”

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President Ruto addressed Muslim leaders’ concerns regarding the discriminatory nature of ID vetting, affirming that the new policy document completed as of May 2024 would eliminate this practice.

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Ruto Announces Gazettement of New Kenyan Tribe



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