Ruto Announces KDF Deployment In This Area


Ruto Announces KDF Deployment In This Area

President William Ruto has announced the deployment of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers to Chesegon, West Pokot County.

He made this announcement during the Commissioning of Cemtech Limited Clinker Plant in West Pokot County on Monday, April 8. Ruto stated that the officers would arrive in the area by Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

The President emphasized the KDF’s role in rebuilding schools in Chesegon and ensuring the safety of students once schools reopen for the second term.


Ruto remarked that the military’s presence would guarantee the completion of school construction and provide security to facilitate safe learning environments for the children.

Ruto expressed concern over the situation in West Pokot, where children are unable to attend school due to rampant banditry.

He condemned the circumstance where a few criminals disrupt the education of innocent children in the county.

He urged local residents to prioritize education by sending their children to school.

Additionally, Ruto disclosed the government’s plan to hire an additional twenty thousand teachers within the year.

This deployment marks the second instance of Ruto ordering KDF officers to the North Rift region.

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Previously, in February 2023, Ruto instructed a joint operation involving KDF and the National Police Service (NPS) to combat banditry and restore peace in the region.

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Ruto Announces KDF Deployment In This Area



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