Ruto Announces New Payment Formula: Every 15 Days


Ruto Announces New Payment Formula: Every 15 Days

President William Ruto announced on Monday, April 8, that his administration was devising a plan to pay milk farmers every 15 days.

During a visit to the Eldoret National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) stores, the President highlighted this initiative as a means to empower farmers.

In preparation for the implementation of bi-monthly payments, Ruto stated that beginning July 2024, farmers would receive payments every 30 days.


He promised, “I have directed that starting this July, payments will be made promptly every end month just like salaries.”

Additionally, he outlined plans for future payments, stating, “In the future, preparations will be made so that farmers will be paid every 15 days to facilitate the purchase of animal feeds.”

Ruto emphasized the importance of addressing delays in cooperative payments, stating that it was detrimental for payments to be delayed for up to two months.

The push for bi-monthly payments aligns with the vision to bolster agriculture as a key economic driver and enhance the nation’s food security.

As part of reforms in the milk industry, President Ruto directed that starting at the end of April, the government would pay Ksh50 for every liter of milk.

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Regarding the broader agricultural sector, Ruto disclosed that his administration was exploring ways to further reduce the price of subsidized fertilizer.

He remarked, “I promised I would sort out the fertilizer issue. Now a bag which was retailing at Ksh6,000, you are paying Ksh2,500.

Pray for me so that I can reduce further next year.” Furthermore, he addressed complaints received about seeds purchased from Kenya Seeds Company, indicating that he had introduced new management to the State Corporation and instituted reforms to ensure the provision of quality seeds.

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Ruto Announces New Payment Formula: Every 15 Days



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