Ruto changes tune on Judiciary, calls for cooperation among all arms of government


Ruto changes tune on Judiciary, calls for cooperation among all arms of government

President William Ruto has adopted a more conciliatory approach towards the Judiciary, urging collaborative efforts among all branches of the government.

After causing controversy last week with his declaration to disregard court orders, the president highlighted the significance of setting aside power struggles that could impede Kenya’s economic progress.

Addressing a congregation at AIC Sugutek in Soy, Uasin Gishu County, Ruto underscored the importance of cooperation among the three arms of government – the legislative, judiciary, and executive – in advancing the nation’s development.


He warned against conflicts that divert crucial time and resources away from serving the public and achieving national developmental objectives.

β€œLet us stop competition between the legislature, judiciary, and executive. We have only one mission, and that is to work for Kenya,” Ruto emphasized.

President Ruto’s assertion of disregarding court orders obtained through corrupt means has sparked widespread debate and criticism, prompting the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) to caution against potential authoritarian tendencies.

During a Sunday church service, President Ruto called on leaders across all three branches of government to prioritize the creation of employment opportunities for Kenyan youth over engaging in disputes. He stressed that obstructing the job prospects of young people would be a serious mistake, urging officials from the executive, judiciary, parliament, and independent institutions to avoid such hindrances.

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While maintaining his commitment to combating corruption within the judiciary, Ruto reiterated his dedication to implementing the affordable housing agenda. He argued that allowing corruption and impunity to impede the aspirations of the Kenyan people would be a violation of the president’s oath of office.

President Ruto continued to assert that corruption in the executive, legislature, and judiciary is unacceptable, emphasizing the collective need to address these issues.

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Ruto changes tune on Judiciary, calls for cooperation among all arms of government



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