Ruto Cs Locked Inside Prime Nairobi Plot by Armed Men


Ruto Cs Locked Inside Prime Nairobi Plot by Armed Men

Two men were arrested on Tuesday, March 5, after temporarily locking  Land Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome on an Indian’s Ksh1.3 billion property in Loresho, Nairobi County.

According to a CS official, the CS was in Loresho to recover prime land that was originally owned by an Indian but was taken over by a former Nairobi government official.

According to the official, the group was waiting outside the plot and jumped into action when the CS and other officials walked through the gate. They then locked the government officials inside before fleeing.


On the other side of the gate, the CS and other officials requested assistance from the local police, who sent one of the men to open the gate.

“You must arrest the fellow that locked the gate,” the CS directed.

The man was dragged to the gate and asked to open it, but he refused because he did not have the padlock’s keys. He then used a log of wood to break the lock and free Wahome and the others.

According to the official, the men are believed to have been sent by the former official who seized the land from foreigners.

Following the incident, Wahome ordered all occupants of the land to vacate by noon on Wednesday, March 6. She directed Gigiri OCPD Joseph Kioko to oversee the operations and ensure that the land grabbers vacated.

“There is no absolutely no reason why there should be any other person on this site other than the two owners of this land. I will ask for an immediate report by the OCPD,” the CS remarked.

Foreigners applauded CS Wahome’s directive for recovering their land after years of fighting with the land grabber.

One of the owners stated that the plot of land will be used for development purposes. This project will be carried out in collaboration with other Indian individuals.

Notably, the CS has been on a mission to reclaim stolen land, both public and private. On Monday, she was in Trans Nzoia County to recover Kitale Prisons-owned land.

This is consistent with President William Ruto’s goal of evicting all land grabbers and allowing rightful owners to benefit from their land.

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Ruto Cs Locked Inside Prime Nairobi Plot by Armed Men



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