Ruto Exposes Raila’s after Opposing Talks with Judiciary


Ruto Exposes Raila’s after Opposing Talks with Judiciary

President William Ruto has expressed disapproval of ODM leader Raila Odinga’s opposition to the scheduled discussions between the Judiciary and Executive.

On January 17, during his address, Ruto raised concerns about Raila’s objection to his engagement in discussions with Chief Justice Martha Koome and questioned the reasons behind such opposition.

Ruto takes on Raila over Judiciary talks

According to the president, it was ironic for the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party to oppose the talks between institutions, yet he recently met with him after a series of protests by the opposition.


“I have heard Raila say that I should not meet the Judiciary, yet I heard talks with him. Why does he not want me to talk with other leaders?” Ruto posed

The president asserted that leaders who are against the discussions aimed at addressing the challenges confronting Kenyans have allegedly been enlisted by cartels to obstruct the government’s agenda. 

According to Ruto, such individuals are considered untruthful and are deemed unfit for any leadership role.

“Those opposed to our institutions getting into dialogue to resolve our challenges are the ones who have been recruited and are working for the cartels to continue benefiting at the disadvantage of Kenyans. What kind of leader are you to team up with cartels to sabotage development?” the president added. 

What Raila said about Ruto-Koome talks 

Ruto’s comments followed criticism from the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party directed at CJ Koome for her choice to engage in discussions with Ruto. 

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Raila, addressing the issue in Vihiga county on Tuesday, January 16, expressed concerns that such actions could potentially undermine the Judiciary’s independence.

“Koome says she wants to hold talks with Ruto. This is the beginning of dropping the guard. There is no need for such talks. If Ruto is unhappy with any court ruling, then he should appeal,” Raila said. 

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Ruto Exposes Raila’s after Opposing Talks with Judiciary



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