Ruto Security Officer’s Wife Shot After Scuffle


Ruto Security Officer’s Wife Shot After Scuffle

Police in Lang’ata are probing a gunshot that happened inside the residence of a presidential escort officer.

According to a police report, the incident occurred as the officer was out with his family for Easter festivities near the Southern Bypass.

The report said that when the cop returned in the evening, he and his 29-year-old wife got into a fight.


The disagreement became heated, prompting the woman to flee to the bedroom and return with a Jericho handgun. She cocked the pistol and aimed it at herself, threatening to take her life in front of their children.

One of the kids, a Lang’ata Barracks student, begged with her mother not to kill herself and urged for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

She gently approached her mother and tried to seize the weapon, resulting in a brawl. During the scuffle, one round of ammunition was fired, striking the mother in the upper side of the chest and exiting through the back, while the kid received damage to her right hand.

Following the event, the two were sent to a nearby hospital in Nairobi.

The Sub-County Police Commander (SCPC), Sub-County Criminal Investigation Officer (SCCIO), Officer Commanding Station (OCS), and Officer Commanding Police Post (OCPP) all attended the area to capture the occurrences.

Items seized at the site included a Jericho handgun loaded with fourteen rounds of ammunition, one in the chamber and thirteen in the magazine, as well as one wasted 9mm cartridge. A bullet head was also found three meters from the main entrance, and all were maintained as exhibits.

The team also went to the hospital and found that the patients were in decent condition.

Police investigators initiated inquiries into the reason of the debate that led to the fight.

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Ruto Security Officer’s Wife Shot After Scuffle



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