Ruto to Employ Spiritual Methods in North Rift to End Banditry – ‘Neno La Mungu”


Ruto to Employ Spiritual Methods in North Rift to End Banditry – ‘Neno La Mungu”

President William Ruto addressed the issue of banditry in North Rift, suggesting that spiritual intervention could be a solution.

He made these remarks at the re-election and installation ceremony of the moderator of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), Patrick Thegu Mutahi, held at St. Andrews Church in Nairobi.

Ruto highlighted the escalating insecurity in affected areas, attributing it to a lack of spiritual knowledge among the inhabitants.


According to Ruto, financial support for evangelism is still necessary, as there are people who have not yet been reached by the teachings of God.

He emphasized that spiritual warfare is a significant factor contributing to banditry problems in West Pokot. Ruto urged the PCEA church to dispatch more evangelists to remote regions of Kenya to address this spiritual need.

In a recent development, the President announced the deployment of the military in Chesogon to facilitate the reopening of schools that had been closed due to insecurity.

Ruto emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring that children have access to education, stating that the army’s presence would guarantee the safe reopening of schools in the area.

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During the commissioning of Cemtech Clinker Limited in West Pokot, Ruto highlighted the potential of the multi-billion project to contribute to crime reduction in the country.

He noted that the construction of the plant had provided employment opportunities for thousands of residents, both during construction and for daily operations.

Ruto emphasized the importance of addressing spiritual needs alongside practical measures to tackle insecurity, underscoring the role of organizations like PCEA in spiritual warfare.

He reiterated the government’s dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens, particularly in areas affected by banditry.

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Ruto to Employ Spiritual Methods in North Rift to End Banditry – ‘Neno La Mungu”



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