Sakaja Breaks Silence After Senate Committee Orders His Arrest


Sakaja Breaks Silence After Senate Committee Orders His Arrest

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has defended his absence from a summons regarding the Mradi gas explosion in Embakasi, emphasizing his commitment to fulfilling constitutional obligations.

Sakaja, in a statement on April 11, stressed the importance he places on appearing before the Senate.

He accused certain Senators of portraying him as disrespectful towards the Senate, asserting that rescheduling appearances is a common occurrence and not indicative of disregard.


Sakaja highlighted the inconsistency of Senators who initially announced his absence due to international travel, only to criticize him upon his return.

He condemned the sensationalization of rescheduling, arguing that such actions diminish the dignity of the Senate. He pointed out that numerous other invitees have deferred appearances due to travel, illness, or prior commitments.

Asserting his willingness to engage with the Senate, Sakaja reiterated his past appearances and expressed readiness to address inquiries regarding the Mradi explosion and financial audits. He stated that he sees no justification for not responding to questions raised regarding these matters.

Following Sakaja’s failure to appear, the Senate Energy Committee decided to take action. Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna revealed that the committee had imposed an additional fine of Ksh 500,000 on Sakaja.

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Furthermore, they instructed the Inspector General of Police to arrest and present him before the committee on April 25, 2024. Sifuna emphasized Sakaja’s repeated non-appearance and the committee’s resolve to ensure his attendance.

Sakaja’s stance underscores the tension between his office and the Senate, reflecting broader accountability issues within Nairobi’s governance.

The ongoing dispute raises questions about the effectiveness of oversight mechanisms and the responsibilities of elected officials.

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Sakaja Breaks Silence After Senate Committee Orders His Arrest



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