Senators Want Azimio Defector Turned ‘UDA’ Governor Arrested, Funds To County Stopped


Senators Want Azimio Defector Turned ‘UDA’ Governor Arrested, Funds To County Stopped

In a bold move signaling a hard stance against non-compliance, Senators have called for the arrest and prosecution of Isiolo Governor Abdi Guyo.

This demand comes after Guyo ignored multiple invitations and summons to appear before the Senate Standing Committee on Health, sparking outrage among lawmakers.

Chairperson of the committee, Jackson Mandago, spearheaded the call for action, stating that Governor Guyo’s repeated absence demonstrated “the highest contempt to the Senate and this committee.”

Despite extended opportunities to address concerns regarding healthcare facilities in Isiolo County, Guyo’s failure to appear compelled Senators to seek legal repercussions.


The standoff escalated as Senators discussed halting funds to Isiolo and other non-compliant counties. Senator Fatuma Dullo lamented the lack of oversight in Isiolo, advocating for budgetary restrictions until respect for Senate authority is restored. Her sentiment was echoed by Garissa Senator Abdul Haji, who urged the committee to enforce stringent penalties rather than merely bark without a bite.

Governor Guyo, however, stood firm, denying allegations of malpractice and insisting on his willingness to cooperate with oversight agencies. He emphasized that his administration had facilitated the construction and refurbishment of a morgue, clarifying that its completion was pending before handover to the County.

As tensions escalate between the Senate and Isiolo County leadership, the fate of Governor Guyo hangs in the balance, highlighting broader questions of accountability and governance in Kenya’s devolved system.

Azimio Defector Turned ‘UDA’

Isiolo’s governor, Abdi Ibrahim Guyo, along with his deputy James Lowasa, recently switched allegiance from the Jubilee Party to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) on June 2nd.

They were accompanied by Isiolo County assembly speaker Mohamed Koto and the Orange Democratic Movement’s (ODM) chairman Hassan Galma.

Asserting their decision, Governor Guyo confidently declared, “I want to convey to minority leader Opiyo Wandayi that we harbor no fear. I am fully prepared to participate in a by-election if it is called for.”

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Senators Want Azimio Defector Turned ‘UDA’ Governor Arrested, Funds To County Stopped



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