Simba Arati on spot over the construction of ECDE classrooms claims


Simba Arati on spot over the construction of ECDE classrooms claims

A group of Members of County Assembly (MCA) in Kisii has raised concerns and called upon Kisii Governor Simba Arati to physically demonstrate the existence of the 128 Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) classrooms purportedly constructed in the county over the past year.

Speaking at a press conference, the MCAs, who are affiliated with the United Democratic Party (UDA), accused the governor of misleading residents by claiming to have built 128 classrooms within the past year.

This challenge emerged following Governor Arati’s statement in a public meeting where he asserted that he had overseen the construction of 128 classrooms throughout the county in the last year.


Amos Onderi, the MCA for Bogimonke ward, emphasized the need for Governor Arati to clarify the record regarding the construction of ECDE classrooms, as the MCAs were not aware of any such developments in their respective wards.

“We have made observations in the past few weeks and our governor has been peddling lies in public including when the president visit the region,the governor made remarks in the classroom,” said Onderi.

The MCA pointed out that in the recent budget, they allocated funds for the completion of projects that were left unfinished by the previous administration, including the construction of ECDE classrooms.

Onderi highlighted that as representatives from those specific wards, they can confirm that the mentioned classrooms are non-existent and merely a claim without substance.

Thomas Obare, the MCA for Baasi Boitangare ward, urged the governor to provide specific details about the schools and their locations where the alleged classrooms have been built. This, he emphasized, would enable them to verify the existence of these classrooms firsthand.

“I want to outline that this is a complete lie because in the 2023/2024 budget we haven’t implemented any project, all we had is the completion of the ongoing projects,” said Obare.

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Simba Arati on spot over the construction of ECDE classrooms claims



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