‘Smarter than me’ Edwin Sifuna names one person who is better debater than him


‘Smarter than me’ Edwin Sifuna names one person who is better debater than him

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna is well-known for his eloquence and expertise on legal and political matters.

The Orange Democratic Movement Secretary-General and Advocate of the High Court is also feared for his bare-knuckle punchlines in public and media disputes.

Opposition supporters and many Kenyans characterize him as a ferocious and brutal debater who annihilates his opponents without holding back.


In a recent interview with the Mic Cheque podcast, which piqued the interest of many political aficionados, Sifuna portrayed himself as a laid-back guy at home, and that his wife often outperforms him in debates.

“My wife is way smarter than me. I don’t even argue at home, and we mostly agree on her opinion. She’s more educated. She has a master’s degree and I don’t. My wife is an environmental lawyer and writer who once worked as a prosecutor,” Sifuna said.

The senator said unequivocally that he was married to just one woman, whom he loved dearly.

He said that his wife is the daughter of a politician and grew up in one of Nairobi’s posh areas.

“I knew she was a softie and cool kid until she told me that she was joining the Kenya Wildlife Service ranger training in Manyani. She came out of training when she had lost weight. So she is the only one who knows to use a firearm in our home and you can not joke with her,” the senator lightly described his better half who he officially married in 2015.

Sifuna said that every guy needs a steady and reliable companion who can support them through any crisis.

He shared how his mother would occasionally be concerned about him and would phone his wife to warn him not to attend ODM demonstrations.

“All of us men need someone stable and is not shaken by what we go through. One day my mother called her and told her to tell me not to go to my party leader Raila Odinga’s swearing in because she was afraid I would be finished.

“She told my mother that it was impossible to convince me from going to Raila’s swearing in and the best thing to do was to pray for me. With all the rumours and lustful advances in the political space you need a stable and secure partner. She looks at naughty messages sent in my inbox and laughs off,” the senator opened up.

The senator said that his wife was from Matungu, Kakamega County, and referred to Roots Party Leader Prof. George Wajackoyah as his in-law.

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‘Smarter than me’ Edwin Sifuna names one person who is better debater than him



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