“Some Will Disappear” – Ruto PS Warns Individuals Behind Fake Fertilizer Scandal


“Some Will Disappear” – Ruto PS Warns Individuals Behind Fake Fertilizer Scandal

Agriculture Principal Secretary Paul Ronoh has warned that some of those involved in the phony fertilizer affair will disappear.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, April 6, PS Ronoh stressed that the government would not accept disruptions in the agricultural sector caused by a few people.

He said that some of the suspects would face legal action, including court appearances and jail.


Ronoh said, without mentioning exactly, that the developments would include people appearing in court, serving prison time, and fleeing arrest.

He underlined the need of protecting the country’s food security from the activities of a minority.

Simultaneously, he announced preparations for the government to compensate farmers affected by the fake fertilizer.

According to Ronoh, the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) is aggressively collecting data from impacted farmers in order to provide help.

“We are in communication with affected farmers and have instructed NCPB to expedite the process of capturing data to ensure timely assistance,” he went on to say.

Regarding farmers who had previously used the false fertilizer, Ronoh claimed that it will be replaced with top dressing to treat nutritional deficits in plants.

He emphasized the study undertaken to detect the missing components in the counterfeit fertilizers, which would be corrected using top dressing fertilizers.

This reaction followed the Ministry of Agriculture’s decision to suspend and confiscate Kelphos Plus, Kelphos Gold, and NPK 10:26:10 fertilizers for failing to fulfill test requirements.

The concerned shipment, supplied by KEL Chemical Fertilizers between March 5th and 10th, 2024, sparked the ministry’s response.

Minister of Agriculture Mithika Linturi reaffirmed the government’s aggressive attitude, citing the Kenya Bureau of Standards’ (KEBS) revelation of test findings as the reason for stopping KEL Chemicals’ activities and seizing its fertilizers.

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“Some Will Disappear” – Ruto PS Warns Individuals Behind Fake Fertilizer Scandal



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