SRC Chair Lyn Mengich Explains Why CAS Will Earn More Than Doctors


SRC Chair Lyn Mengich Explains Why CAS Will Earn More Than Doctors

In an episode of Citizen TV’s ‘The Explainer’ show, SRC Chairperson Lyn Mengich provided insights into the remuneration of different job groups in the country.

She emphasized that a person’s education qualification or technical experience does not solely dictate their monthly salary.

Mengich highlighted various factors considered in placing individuals into different pay categories, including input factors, processes, and job impact.


Responding to a viewer’s query regarding the discrepancy in salaries between Cabinet Administrative Secretaries (CAS) and doctors, Mengich explained that the evaluation of salaries encompasses multiple factors beyond education alone.

She stressed that while education and experience are crucial for job enrollment, their significance in terms of remuneration is overshadowed by processes and impact.

Mengich delineated the significance of process factors, such as the complexity of the job, decision-making, and problem-solving, as well as impact factors, which indicate the significance of the role at national or international levels.

Furthermore, she emphasized that continual education does not necessarily correlate with increased wages, as the focus remains on the process and impact of the job.

As individuals progress in their studies, the weight of input factors diminishes compared to the importance of the role’s impact and process.

Mengich elucidated that while input factors like education and experience are essential, they carry less weight as individuals advance in their careers.

Consequently, the focus shifts towards the impact and process of the job rather than solely relying on educational qualifications.

In summary, Mengich highlighted the intricate considerations involved in determining salary packages, emphasizing the significance of job processes and impact alongside education and experience.

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SRC Chair Lyn Mengich Explains Why CAS Will Earn More Than Doctors



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