‘Stop Complaining In Funerals, Reject Finance Bill In Parliament!’ Wandayi Tells Kenya Kwanza MPs


‘Stop Complaining In Funerals, Reject Finance Bill In Parliament!’ Wandayi Tells Kenya Kwanza MPs

In the latest twist of Kenyan political drama, National Assembly Minority Leader James Opiyo Wandayi has called out Kenya Kwanza MPs, urging them to show their true stance by opposing the Finance Bill, 2024 in Parliament rather than making empty statements at funerals.

Wandayi’s remarks come in the wake of another attack by Kimani Ichung’wah on Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, adding fuel to the fiery political atmosphere.

Speaking from his Ugunja constituency on Tuesday, Wandayi criticized a faction of Kenya Kwanza MPs who claim to oppose the Finance Bill, challenging them to demonstrate their opposition when it matters most – during the parliamentary vote.


“Those who have been speaking in funerals and claiming to oppose the Finance Bill, the hour of reckoning is coming. We want to see you in broad daylight in Parliament when the voting time comes. The time to stand for Kenyans is now, not tomorrow,” Wandayi declared emphatically.

Wandayi underscored the opposition’s firm stance against the Finance Bill unless its punitive taxes are removed. He indicated that they await the Finance Committee’s report to confirm whether these contentious taxes have been expunged, failing which they intend to vote against the bill.

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“Our position is clear; if they come to Parliament next week and say that they have listened to Kenyans and have removed the punitive taxes, we shall talk,” he asserted.

The Minority Leader didn’t spare President William Ruto either, criticizing his penchant for making development promises without the necessary financial backing. He lamented that this trend has exacerbated the tax burden on Kenyans, urging the Kenya Kwanza administration to adopt a more realistic approach to governance.

“There are so many promises being given left, right and centre without the requisite funding to see them through. That is the problem we have even in this county,” Wandayi noted. “Why continue to overburden Kenyans with taxes on account of projects you cannot fund? Just live within your means.”

Wandayi’s comments are set against a backdrop of internal dissent within the Kenya Kwanza coalition, highlighted by Kimani Ichung’wah’s continued attacks on Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

This intra-party conflict adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing debate over the Finance Bill, 2024, reflecting broader tensions within the ruling coalition.

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‘Stop Complaining In Funerals, Reject Finance Bill In Parliament!’ Wandayi Tells Kenya Kwanza MPs



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