Strange clause in affordable housing bill raises concern


Strange clause in affordable housing bill raises concern

Otiende Amollo, Rarieda MP, criticised Kenya Kwanza legislators for passing the Constitutionally-violating Affordable Housing Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 75 of 2023).

The ODM leader stated in an interview with KTN News on Tuesday, March 19, that the Kenya Kwanza representatives had been directed to pass the bill without amendments.

“They were instructed not to change any clauses, even clauses that were obvious, and it went to the senate in a very bad state,” Amollo said.


Amollo alleged that the senators representing the current government in the Senate submitted further detrimental revisions to the contentious law.

As per the Rarieda legislator, the Senate has implemented a provision that forbids anyone who purchase a unit through the programme from engaging in its resale.

“The Senate added a clause, number 31, stating that if you buy a unit, you can’t sell it without the board’s permission. This goes against Article 40 of the constitution, which clearly says parliament can’t make laws that restrict your rights as a property owner. So, they’re even confused about their own model,” he added.

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Strange clause in affordable housing bill raises concern



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