Sylvanus Osoro Threatens to Sue Simba Arati Over Alleged Defamation


Sylvanus Osoro Threatens to Sue Simba Arati Over Alleged Defamation

Sylvanus Osoro, the Majority Whip in the National Assembly and Member of Parliament for South Mugirango, has issued a legal threat against Kisii Governor Simba Arati, alleging defamation.

In a letter dated January 17 from his lawyer Adrian Kamotho Njenga, Osoro has demanded an apology and retraction of statements made by the Governor within a two-day period. Failure to comply may result in a lawsuit.

“Please take notice that Silvanus Osoro Onyiegon(our client) on whose express instructions we proceed to address you, intends to commence rigorous legal action against you, for atrocious conduct, defamation, vilification, publication of malicious falsehoods and abominable character assassination,” read the demand in part.


Additionally, the Member of Parliament insisted on the prompt acknowledgment of responsibility, intending to evaluate the damages based on this admission.

“Take further notice that unless you absolutely offset the demand herein within two (2) days from the date hereof, we have strict instructions to commence high voltage legal proceedings against you, without any further reference to you whatsoever at your own risks as to costs and other consequences arising therefrom and incidental thereto,” added the statement.

Osoro alleged that Arati had tarnished his reputation and deployed individuals to assault his constituents along the Nyabisase-Nyakembene road. The purported aim was to hinder them from carrying out road grading and graveling activities.

The group additionally expressed concern that the Governor’s supporters assaulted a contractor and his staff, resulting in the destruction of microphones, speakers, and a sound mixer.

In early January, Arati had accused Osoro of backing individuals to disrupt an event where the Governor was distributing bursaries. During the Governor’s address at the gathering, gunshots were fired, prompting attendees to flee for safety. Arati’s assistant quickly shielded him with a piece of clothing and swiftly removed him from the scene.

The confrontation persisted for approximately 30 minutes before order was eventually restored.

Speaking to the press shortly after the chaos, Arati attributed the mayhem to Osoro, asserting that one of the gunshots was aimed at him.

“At that juncture, there were gunshots all over. I am told that a number of those shots, including a guy who has been hit on his left ear, were aimed at me. I want to understand, are we in a law-abiding country where the law must be followed?” He wondered.

Contrarily, the Majority Whip distanced himself from the incident, urging fellow politicians to uphold political tolerance.

“It is an unfortunate scene. We need to be politically tolerant and understand that campaigns are still far,” Osoro claimed innocence.

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Sylvanus Osoro Threatens to Sue Simba Arati Over Alleged Defamation



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