‘Take Me Where You Want!’ Kapseret MP defies court order, leads eviction in Eldoret


‘Take Me Where You Want!’ Kapseret MP defies court order, leads eviction in Eldoret

Five households in Eldoret are currently in a dispute over a 20-acre parcel of land that has been a source of contention for the past year.

The conflict escalated when Oscar Sudi, the Kapseret legislator, and a group of young individuals under his leadership demolished structures located on the disputed land on Wednesday.

This incident unfolded shortly after a woman, who asserts her right to a portion of the land, reportedly sought assistance from President William Ruto in securing occupancy of the property just two days prior.


The individual caught in the midst of the dispute has provided Citizen TV with legal documents confirming his ownership of the land. He strongly condemns the demolition, asserting that it signifies a regression into a period where not only court orders but also fundamental human rights are disregarded.

A group of young individuals, reportedly armed with makeshift weapons provided by Sudi, carried out the demolition under his supervision, targeting structures on the 20-acre Kamagut farm.

In a video captured two days ago in the Kamagut area, an unidentified woman is observed engaging with President Ruto, who subsequently calls upon the Kapseret MP.

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The woman claims to have sought assistance from the Head of State to reclaim the 20-acre parcel that she alleges was unlawfully taken from her and two other families.

“Nilikuwa classmate na rais, sasa vile alikuja akanisalamia, nikamwambia kuna mtu amechukua shamba yangu nataka anisaidie…rais akaniuliza ni nani anajua hii maneno, nikamwambia Sudi ndio anajua. Akaita Sudi akamwambia sikia hiyo maneno ya huyo mama na ufanye haraka,” Emily Jepkemei, a resident at Pioneer, said.

Despite a magistrate’s court in Eldoret issuing a ruling on September 2, 2022, declaring Paul Kirwa Samoei and two others as the rightful owners of the land, a subsequent appeal at the High Court in Eldoret on January 19, 2023, also favored Kirwa.

However, on Wednesday, Kirwa found himself in a helpless situation as his structures were ruthlessly demolished, indicating a blatant disregard for the court’s decision.

“Tuko na title…tumeenda kotini, court wakafanya case wakakuja mpaka kwa shamba November 11 tukawekewa status quo…tumeshtuka leo…documents sisi tumepeleka yetu, hao hawajaleta yao…mheshimiwa saa hii anasema sisi ni wakora,” Kirwa lamented.

In his defense, MP Sudi actively participated in the attack on the Judiciary, asserting that Kirwa is not the legitimate owner of the disputed land.

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“Kuna ukora kwa mahakama na ni watu kutoka side moja…hii makesi yote ya Eldoret hatutawacha kuendelea hivi…na kama kuna mtu ako na evidence ama ako na question mark, akuje aniulize mimi…ni mimi anipeleke kortini, sio mtu mwingine,” Sudi said.

Kirwa added: “Mimi sijui mheshimiwa ametoa wapi nguvu ya kusema sisi ni wakora…mpaka polisi na mahakama amesema sisi wote ni wakora…sisi hatutaki kuingilia akisema ati alitumwa na nani…sisi yeye ndio tulimwona na kama anasema kortini ni wakora sasa sijui sisi tutakuwa nini.”

Currently, Kirwa, armed with legal documents supporting his case, finds himself without a home. He awaits the unfolding of events, questioning whether the government’s institutions will provide protection against the prevailing lawlessness.

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‘Take Me Where You Want!’ Kapseret MP defies court order, leads eviction in Eldoret



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