Tensions Rise in Kilifi Politician Faces Manslaughter Charges


Tensions Rise in Kilifi Politician Faces Manslaughter Charges

Kilifi County finds itself at the center of a political storm following the arrest of a Member of County Assembly (MCA) implicated in the death of Maurice Kakunde, a man who succumbed to injuries sustained during a chaotic land eviction in Mtwapa.

The charged atmosphere has sparked widespread debate and unrest within the local government and community.

Kilifi County Criminal Investigation Officer David Siele confirmed that the arrested MCA, currently in custody, will face manslaughter charges.

The incident, which occurred on March 29, involved violent confrontations during the attempted eviction from a piece of land claimed by the National Museums of Kenya (NMK).


“We arrested the suspect in connection to the death of Maurice Kakunde. He will be charged with manslaughter. It is said that the goons were led by the MCA,” Siele announced on Monday.

The eviction turned violent as goons, allegedly accompanied by local leaders and the MCA, tried to demolish a perimeter wall on the disputed land, which they asserted belonged to the Mtwapa Heritage Site. Complicating the matter further, a local investor has also staked a claim to the same land, measuring an eighth of an acre.

The controversy has not only stirred the local community but also led to significant disruptions in the Kilifi County Assembly. On Tuesday, proceedings were halted as MCAs demanded the release of their arrested colleague.

Ganze Ward MCA Karisa Ngirani and Mariakani Ward MCA Martha Koki voiced their frustrations, stating that efforts to secure the MCA’s release since his arrest last Friday have been unsuccessful.

NMK Board Chairman Edwin Abonyo reiterated the organization’s stance, stating that the land in question is a gazetted heritage site.

“We have decided to take action in conjunction with the county government of Kilifi. For someone to claim to have bought the land two years ago when it is a gazetted NMK site, which was gazetted in 1935, is unacceptable. This wall must come down,” Dr. Abonyo declared, emphasizing NMK’s commitment to reclaiming any land illegally appropriated from the organization.

As tensions continue to escalate, the case underscores the ongoing challenges surrounding land ownership and heritage site preservation in Kenya, with political, legal, and social implications that resonate far beyond Kilifi County.

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Tensions Rise in Kilifi Politician Faces Manslaughter Charges



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