UDA MP Proposes Abolishing Certificate and Diploma Courses in Universities


UDA MP Proposes Abolishing Certificate and Diploma Courses in Universities

Universities might undergo a shift away from providing certificate or diploma programs if the proposed bill by Embakasi Central Member of Parliament Benjamin Mwangi, also known as Mejjadonk, is approved.

The 2023 Universities (Amendment) Bill suggests the elimination of diplomas and certificates within university offerings. Additionally, Mwangi advocates for preventing the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) from assigning students to university programs for diplomas or certificates.

Mwangi, affiliated with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), clarified that the bill aims to ensure that universities exclusively focus on providing degree and postgraduate programs.


“Universities are intended to be institutions of higher learning and academic research. In this regard, they should focus on degree and postgraduate programs as opposed to certificate and diploma courses,” he stated.

He further contended that certificates and diploma programs should be confined to technical and vocational colleges in order to bolster enrollment in these institutions.

Moreover, the MP highlighted the persistent issue of low enrollment in vocational and technical colleges despite significant government funding.

Mwangi also emphasized the necessity of transferring these courses from universities, citing the existence of two separate bodies responsible for certifying certificate and diploma programs: the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority for technical and vocational colleges, and the Commission for University Education (CUE) for universities.

He pointed out the confusion and discrepancies in course content and duration resulting from this dual certification process.

If the proposal is accepted, CUE will be tasked with the responsibility of recognizing and aligning postgraduate certificates and postgraduate diplomas awarded by foreign universities and institutions, contrasting with its current oversight limited to basic certificates and diplomas.

“The bill proposes to provide that the Commission may make regulations providing for the procedure of equating postgraduate and diploma courses offered by private universities,’ the MP stated.

According to the new bill, Chancellors of universities will exclusively have the authority to confer postgraduate certificates and postgraduate diploma courses, while basic certificate and diploma courses will no longer fall under their purview.

Nevertheless, if the bill is approved, students who are already enrolled in the affected courses will be permitted to finish their studies without interruption.

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UDA MP Proposes Abolishing Certificate and Diploma Courses in Universities



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