UDA MP Zaheer Jhanda Heckled in Front of Ruto While Defending High Fuel Prices


UDA MP Zaheer Jhanda Heckled in Front of Ruto While Defending High Fuel Prices

Kisii residents expressed their displeasure towards Nyaribari Chache Member of Parliament, Zaheer Jhanda, on Saturday, as he faced criticism for trying to separate President William Ruto from the soaring fuel prices.

During a Thanksgiving mass at Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School in Kitutu Chache, Jhanda clarified that Ruto shouldn’t be held responsible for the recently announced high prices on Thursday, December 14.

Currently, premium petrol is priced at Ksh212.36, diesel at Ksh201.47, and kerosene at Ksh199.05.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has implemented price reductions, bringing down the costs by Ksh5 for petrol, Ksh2 for diesel, and Ksh4.01 for kerosene.


”It is important that we remember that it is not the President raising or lowering the fuel prices. There are many factors that make the fuel prices rise,” he stated, in the event attended by President William Ruto, his deputy Rigathi Gachagua, and Kisii Governor Simba Arati, among other politicians.

The Member of Parliament faced challenges delivering his speech amidst escalating jeers from the audience. Despite the difficult situation, he managed to conclude his address once the atmosphere calmed down.

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“‘We must say the truth. Even if we make noise, it is not the President that is making the fuel prices go up, so let us relax,” he stated and also condemned politicians who were criticising the government while requesting development projects.

Subsequently, he urged the audience to refrain from what he claimed was blackmailing the government, emphasizing the need to allow President William Ruto sufficient time to address the issues at hand.

”It is important for leaders to respect your government. If you cannot respect the President and you want to be helped, how can that happen,” Zaheer wondered.

The novice Member of Parliament expressed gratitude to President Ruto for raising the allocation of the National Government Constituency Fund from 35 percent to 40 percent.

President Ruto took steps to enhance educational support by increasing bursaries under the CDF program.

This initiative was formalized when he signed The National Government Constituencies Development Fund (Amendment) Bill into law on Monday, December 11.

During his address in Kisii, Ruto agreed with MP Zaheer Jhanda, emphasizing that other entities, including EPRA, were accountable for the adjustments in fuel prices.

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”I told you last month that the price of fuel will come down, and it has come down, and now am telling you that next month the fuel price will reduce. Don’t clap for me because am not the one who has reduced.

”I did nothing about the fuel prices going down. Those people with oil are the ones bringing the prices to us every month the only thing am telling you is that those giving us the prices will reduce,” Ruto stated.

He went on to criticize those who have consistently accused him of failing to reduce the cost of living, asserting that in 2027, every politician will be expected to present their performance record.

”They have taken us to court so that they continue stealing, I want to tell you to look for someone else to threaten, not me, I will not allow them to continue abusing Kenyans,” Ruto noted.

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UDA MP Zaheer Jhanda Heckled in Front of Ruto While Defending High Fuel Prices



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