UDA MPs Defy William Ruto, Endorse Ndindi Nyoro to Succeed Him


UDA MPs Defy William Ruto, Endorse Ndindi Nyoro to Succeed Him

A faction of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has stepped up its campaign to have Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro replace President William Ruto.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has recently hosted meetings in the Mt Kenya area to promote harmony among residents and leaders.

Analysts claim that the DP is on a mission to garner support for him as the region’s spokesman after the retirement of former President Uhuru Kenyatta.


The 2027 and 2032 succession politics are also in play, with Nyoro gaining support from young leaders to replace Ruto.

During a funeral in Kiharu, several UDA MPs and Ruto’s inner circle publicly supported Nyoro’s candidacy.

Speaking to the mourners, Kiambaa MP John Njuguna Wanjiku indicated that they can see the country’s future under Nyoro.

“The future of our country is so important, and when you look at that picture, we can see something in Ndindi Nyoro,” he said amid cheers.

In his speech, digital strategist and a key component of the UDA machinery that propelled President William Ruto declared that when the time comes, they will talk.

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He said that they will make the announcement in Kiharu after seeing Nyoro’s track record.

“As young people, we must come together, and here in Kiharu, we will announce the president when he comes from here because we have seen the work he has done,” he stated.

Moses Kuria, the Public Service Cabinet Secretary who has criticized several of Gachagua’s policies, was in attendance.

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UDA MPs Defy William Ruto, Endorse Ndindi Nyoro to Succeed Him



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