UDA Reveals How Raila’s AU Bid May Lead to Return of Protests


UDA Reveals How Raila’s AU Bid May Lead to Return of Protests

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Secretary General Cleophas Malala said on Sunday that the Azimio coalition’s threat to go to the streets was mostly motivated by a few leaders seeking political gain.

According to Malala, as Azimio Leader Raila Odinga worked to secure the job of African Union Commission chairman, other leaders planned to fill the leadership vacancy.

Malala denied that the opposition planned protests in reaction to the rising cost of living.


He described Kenya Kwanza’s strategy to tackling the cost of living, saying, “We have observed President William Ruto engaging in diplomatic efforts to facilitate Kenyans’ employment abroad, including Raila.”

Malala described Azimio’s return to the streets as a political ploy to succeed Raila.

Malala expressed goodwill to his enemies as they planned protests, noting that the majority of Kenyans would not take part.

He ascribed this to actions like subsidized fertilizer, which would keep Kenyans busy on their fields, making them unavailable for demonstrations.

Malala backed the government’s position that they inherited a weak economy from previous President Uhuru Kenyatta. As a result, after acquiring power, the high cost of vital commodities and services encouraged Kenyans to participate in opposition-led rallies.

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The former Kakamega senator emphasized the present condition of things, claiming that Kenyans were becoming more settled as the cost of living had drastically fallen.

“We found this country in dire straits. When they took to the streets, the price of maize flour was Ksh263, now it retails at Ksh98,” he said.

Despite Azimio’s continuous protest plans, Kenya Kwanza will continue to fulfill the campaign pledges established in its platform.

Malala spoke to Azimio’s history of public demonstrations since independence, underscoring Kenya’s continuous resilience.

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UDA Reveals How Raila’s AU Bid May Lead to Return of Protests



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