Uhuru Constructs Private Airstrip at Northlands City


Uhuru Constructs Private Airstrip at Northlands City

A photograph of Northlands Aerodrome, located in the center of Northlands City and linked to ex-President Uhuru Kenyatta, has caused a split in public opinion among Kenyans.

The facility, identified as a domestic airport, is visible on Google satellites at coordinates 1°11’29″S 36°58’42″E.

The airport features an operational runway strip capable of accommodating the landing of private planes and jets.


Positioned at the distant end of the runway strip is an unmarked structure believed to serve as a hangar.

Some Kenyans extended congratulations to the former President, acknowledging his ownership of the airport and considering it a commendable investment.

Martor Muriithi, expressing his views on social media, emphasized that this development was a significant game-changer for both the Kenyatta family and the overall Northlands project.

Northlands City is a forward-looking venture encompassing both commercial and residential developments, with an anticipated cost exceeding Ksh500 billion.

“In many developed countries, private citizens have such runways, as long as it is regulated,” he commented adding that private companies would pay huge sums to use it.

Concerns were expressed by some Kenyans regarding the regulation of the facility, particularly because it is situated on private property.

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There were apprehensions about the potential misuse of the private airport, with fears that a select few individuals might exploit it to bring in unregulated goods to the country.

Occupying an expansive 11,000-acre parcel of land in Ruiru, the Northlands City spans the Eastern Bypass from City Cabanas to Ruiru. Upon its completion, the development is slated to encompass commercial spaces, industrial parks, schools, residential areas, and more.

However, it has not been specified whether the Kenyatta family intends to extend the use of the private airport to the residents of Northlands City.

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Uhuru Constructs Private Airstrip at Northlands City



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