Uhuru Talks Of Night Call Threats To Staff, Mama Ngina’s Withdrawn Security And Blocked Cards


Uhuru Talks Of Night Call Threats To Staff, Mama Ngina’s Withdrawn Security And Blocked Cards

Former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has stirred controversy with explosive allegations against the state, claiming harassment and intimidation directed towards his staff in the dead of night.

In a dramatic press briefing delivered by his Director of Communications, Kanze Dena, Kenyatta questioned the motives behind what he perceives as a targeted attack on his post-presidential office.

The accusations, unveiled on Monday, depict a narrative of systematic pressure aimed at undermining Kenyatta’s post-retirement activities.


Kanze Dena, speaking on behalf of the former president, raised concerns over the alleged intimidation tactics, citing midnight phone calls to his staff as evidence of a concerted effort to frustrate him.

Among the grievances outlined was the withdrawal of security detail from the residence of Mama Ngina Kenyatta, the former president’s mother, with whom he shares security concerns.

The abrupt termination of fuel cards for Mama Ngina’s vehicles since March 2023 further fueled the allegations of targeted harassment.

Moreover, Kenyatta questioned the refusal to renew contracts for two key members of his staff, George Kariuki and Kanze Dena Mararo, labeling it as a deliberate attempt to disrupt his operations.

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Kanze Dena emphasized that Kenyatta’s office, comprising 32 staff members, relies solely on his goodwill for funding day-to-day operations, painting a picture of financial strain exacerbated by governmental actions.

The revelations didn’t stop there. Kanze Dena shed light on the limited state funding for international trips undertaken by Kenyatta since his retirement, with only two out of several requests being approved. This disparity in facilitation adds another layer to Kenyatta’s claims of mistreatment post-presidency.

In response to these allegations, Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura reiterated the state’s commitment to upholding its constitutional obligations towards retired heads of state.

Mwaura emphasized the benefits already extended to Kenyatta, including a substantial pension and monthly allowances, dismissing Kenyatta’s accusations as unfounded.

However, amidst the dueling narratives, Kenyatta’s allegations have sparked a fervent debate regarding the politicization of state resources and the treatment of former leaders in Kenya.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it casts a shadow over the dynamics between past and present leadership, raising questions about accountability and post-presidential conduct in the country’s political landscape.

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Uhuru Talks Of Night Call Threats To Staff, Mama Ngina’s Withdrawn Security And Blocked Cards



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