“Unatubeba Ufala” – Pressure Mounts on CS Linturi to Resign


“Unatubeba Ufala” – Pressure Mounts on CS Linturi to Resign

Jubilee Party National Youth Chairman, Advice Mundalo, has called upon Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi to vacate his office in the wake of the fake fertilizer scandal. Mundalo, expressing his dissatisfaction with Linturi’s performance, demanded his resignation and a sincere apology to the Kenyan populace for his perceived failure.

“The CS should take political responsibility and exit that office before the president acts. It’s unbelievable that despite everyone in government acknowledging that we have fake fertilizer in the market, including the president himself, the CS is still in denial,” stated Mundalo.

Mundalo criticized Linturi for not only disappointing Kenyans but also letting down President William Ruto, whose administration has heavily invested in the agricultural sector.


“The president is passionate about agriculture, and we have seen him invest a lot of resources in fertilizer to make it affordable for farmers, but we have a CS whose only simple task is to distribute that fertilizer to farmers, but has failed. What else can we expect from him?” Mundalo questioned.

The fake fertilizer scandal, brought to light by investigative journalist John Allan Namu about two months ago, sparked outrage across the country. Despite Linturi dismissing Namu’s report as sensational and unfounded, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua later confirmed the discovery of approximately 50,000 bags of fake fertilizer in the market.

Ruto also acknowledged the presence of fake fertilizer in the market and issued a stern warning to state officers and unscrupulous businesspeople involved in the scheme.

On April 9, the Ministry of Agriculture released a statement admitting the detection of fake fertilizer and suspended eight officials from the Kenya Bureau of Standards for their alleged involvement in qualifying the fake fertilizer as genuine.

However, there was a contradiction regarding the number of fake fertilizer bags discovered, with Gachagua initially stating 50,000 bags while the ministry reported only 3,000 bags found to be fake.

During a parliamentary session addressing the scandal, Linturi initially denied the existence of fake fertilizer in Kenya. However, when presented with a sample by a farmer, he changed his stance, labeling it as “substandard.”

Infuriated by Linturi’s handling of the matter, Mundalo demanded his immediate replacement, emphasizing the need for accountability and competent leadership in the agricultural sector.

“Kenya has no shortage of competent men and women who can take over that docket and serve the country diligently,” asserted Mundalo.

In response to the scandal, Ruto has ordered the compensation of all farmers who were supplied with the fake fertilizer.

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“Unatubeba Ufala” – Pressure Mounts on CS Linturi to Resign



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