US Congress Blocks Funding for Kenya’s Mission in Haiti


US Congress Blocks Funding for Kenya’s Mission in Haiti

The rejection of President Joe Biden’s request to release millions of dollars to fund the mission by the United States legislature has purportedly presented a significant obstacle to the deployment of Kenyan police to Haiti.

The financing cessation, which has been initiated by the chairperson of the House of Representatives and a senior Republican on Senate Foreign Relations, has reportedly halted the $40 million that the United States Department of State has requested.

Legislators have informed the US administration that they require significantly more information regarding the mission prior to granting approval for the release of the funds.


The lawmakers also criticised the administration of President Joe Biden for providing them with only a preliminary strategy to resolve their inquiries.

Additionally, they voiced apprehensions regarding the potential authorization of the deployment by Kenyan courts and the feasibility of Kenyan police officers reaching Port-au-Prince.

Members of the United States Congress noted in a report that the withheld funds could impede the Kenyan police force’s ability to deploy to Haiti unless another nation steps forward to provide the necessary funds.

Notwithstanding the impasses, the officials noted that the State Department was maintaining communication with Congress regarding the authorization of the funds.

Ahead of discussions in Jamaica, US Secretary Antony Blinken recently declared that the United States would increase its financial commitment for the mission to $300 million.

The United States’ recent decision to suspend the funds arrives one day after Canada made a commitment of Ksh8.2 billion to aid the Kenyan police mission in Haiti.

This follows a discussion between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President William Ruto regarding the escalating disorder in Haiti subsequent to Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation.

“Prime Minister Trudeau highlighted that Canada will contribute $80.5 million to the MSS mission and noted Canada’s ongoing efforts to support Caribbean Community (CARICOM) members as they prepare to participate in the mission,” read part of the statement issued by the Prime Minister.

In particular, the Prime Minister urged other international partners to deploy officers to safeguard the Haitian people and quell the disorder. Such assistance was critical.

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US Congress Blocks Funding for Kenya’s Mission in Haiti



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