Wamuchomba Escalates Attack on Ruto: Now Targets His Advisors


Wamuchomba Escalates Attack on Ruto:Now Targets His Advisors

Gathoni Wamuchomba, Member of Parliament for Ginthunguri, has escalated her criticism of President William Ruto’s administration, alleging that the president’s advisors are leading him astray.

In an appearance on Spice FM on Monday, Wamuchomba rebuked Ruto’s statement regarding the government’s inability to pay striking doctors, emphasizing the need for financial prudence.

Wamuchomba questioned the government’s priorities, citing the affordable housing project as a misplaced focus. She challenged the notion that the government cannot afford to address pressing issues such as healthcare and education while investing in other sectors.


During her interview, Wamuchomba expressed concern over the state of public hospitals, emphasizing the urgent need for action in parliament to address the dire situation.

She criticized the advisors who, according to her, misinform the president about the country’s economic capacity to meet essential needs like healthcare.

The MP highlighted the failure of Ruto’s administration to ensure access to basic education and allocate funds for school capitation.

She argued that such shortcomings indicate misplaced priorities within the government.

These remarks come amid a widespread doctors’ strike that has disrupted healthcare services nationwide.

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President Ruto, in response to the strike, stated on Sunday that the government lacks the necessary funds to fulfill the doctors’ demands, further fueling the ongoing debate over resource allocation and government spending priorities.

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Wamuchomba Escalates Attack on Ruto:Now Targets His Advisors



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