Wanjigi wants Oparanya for 2027 running mate


Wanjigi wants Oparanya for 2027 running mate

Jimmy Wanjigi, the leader of the Safina Party, has indicated his intention to run for the presidency in 2027, with Wycliffe Oparanya, the Deputy Party Leader of ODM.

During a funeral in Butere, Wanjigi expressed his desire for a strong leader like Oparanya, especially now that Raila Odinga, the leader of the Orange Party, is expected to secure the position of African Union Commission President.

Wanjigi believes that having such a leader is crucial in order to defeat President William Ruto.


Oparanya is currently in competition with former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho to determine who will succeed Raila if he is elected to the AUC position.

According to Wanjigi, Ruto’s leadership is causing significant distress to Kenyans because of an excessive taxing system that has made living exceedingly difficult for the general population.

“This mission calls for a tough opposition led by a tough man like myself and backed by Oparanya as my running mate. I need a mate from the land of the brave. I know Butere as a land of the brave, like Martin Shikuku, who gave the Kanu one-party regime sleepless nights when it was oppressing the nation,” he said.

“Shikuku partnered with Kenneth Matiba to form one of the most potent opposition pairs of the 1990s that neutralised Kanu’s dictatorship and watered the seed of multiparty democracy. That is the type of pairing I want to form with Oparanya to get Ruto out of power.”

According to him, Ruto’s tax system is extremely harsh, causing individuals in Kenya’s Mt Kenya stronghold to voice their dissatisfaction, similar to those in opposition strongholds.

“I know you are eager to see this regime out because you are also feeling the pinch of the rising cost of living,” he said.

Oparanya, however, did not express a definite commitment to the concept, stating that planning for 2027 is still too distant.

“Wanjigi has proposed to me but the downside of it is that I am also eying the presidency. But I know we will one day agree on the respective path to follow,” he said.

Oparanya expressed his commitment to maintain the momentum of the ODM party, regardless of Raila’s potential appointment as the AUC chairman.

“Many think that we, the Raila foot soldiers, will give up on playing the opposition role but that is beside the point. We will keep checking the regime,” he said.

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Wanjigi wants Oparanya for 2027 running mate



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