Warrant of Arrest Issued Against Moi’s Grandson


Warrant of Arrest Issued Against Moi’s Grandson

A warrant of arrest has been issued by a Nakuru court against Collins Kibet, the grandson of Moi, on the grounds of allegedly disregarding court summons on four occasions.

Collins Kibet, the son of the deceased Jonathan Moi, has been accused of neglecting his two children as a result of his relationship with his estranged former spouse, Gladys Tagi.

During a post-court proceeding on Wednesday, Steve Biko, the legal representative of Gladys Tagi, asserted that two children purportedly born to Kibet and Tagi were unable to get admission to an international educational institution located in Nakuru due to insufficient funds for school fees.


According to Biko, both he and his client made multiple attempts to contact Kibet in order to deliver the summons, but their endeavours proved to be unsuccessful.

“We did pursue him for service, but we were unable to do so because of difficulties and obstacles placed on our part by security agencies in his two residences,” explained Lawyer Steve Biko.

He elaborated that his client was seeking compensation for what she alleged was Kibet’s violation of court orders.

In 2022, the court issued a directive requiring Kibet to provide an annual child support payment of Ksh1.5 million. This amount was to be allocated towards the education, medical expenses, and a portion of the entertainment requirements for the two children.

In February, Gladys submitted a petition clarifying that Kibet had engaged in contemptuous conduct towards the court. Additionally, she asserted that she had expended Ksh2.8 million in order to provide for the children subsequent to Kibet’s purported absconding from duty.

It has been revealed from the court proceedings that Kibet has failed to appear in person for any of the four mentions. According to reports, his lawyer attended a virtual court hearing and contended that the court summons were sent late, which is why his client did not appear.

Nevertheless, Biko confirmed that the issuance of the warrant occurred subsequent to the fourth mention, during which Kibet did not appear.

“We do now confirm that accordingly, we had prayed the court to issue us with warrants of arrest to be effected against Collins Moi, and we have been successful,” stated the lawyer.

The former first family has been involved in previous cases.

In a distinct instance, a widow of the deceased Jonathan Moi pursued legal recourse with the aim of compelling the court to mandate that the family of the former president assume responsibility for the medical requirements of one of her sick children.

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Warrant of Arrest Issued Against Moi’s Grandson



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