“When he goes” – Senator reveals what will happen to ODM if Raila gets AU job


“When he goes” – Senator reveals what will happen to ODM if Raila gets AU job

Makueni Senator Dan Maanzo asserted that even if Raila Odinga assumes the African Union position, the Orange Democratic Movement will remain strong and cohesive.

Maanzo emphasized that ODM is a dynamic and resilient party that has nurtured capable young leaders capable of effectively steering the party’s affairs independently.


“ODM is a very vibrant party, strong and competitive within itself. Some people may become orphaned when he is no longer there but quite a number have the support of the people, elected with many votes,” he said.

“When he goes ODM will be left intact. There are enough young people in ODM who can manage the party very well without being swayed.”

He made these statements during an interview on Citizen TV on Monday.

His comments come amidst reports suggesting that President Ruto is endorsing Raila for the AU position.

Any contender for the AU’s top position must be nominated by member states.

These reports also indicate that the campaign for Raila’s candidacy will commence during the 44th Ordinary Session of the African Union’s Executive Council in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Additionally, there are reports suggesting that former President Uhuru Kenyatta was also considering the AU leadership role, but may have decided to support Raila instead.

The AU chairpersons are expected to maintain political neutrality across the continent.

The role of the AU Commission chair is significant, as it grants the holder substantial influence akin to that of a head of state.

The individual in this position plays a crucial role in major international events such as elections, conflicts, and development, not only within Africa but also globally.

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“When he goes” – Senator reveals what will happen to ODM if Raila gets AU job



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