‘You Will Never See God’s Kingdom’ – Amisi Criticizes Mudavadi and Wetangula for Betraying Raila


‘You Will Never See God’s Kingdom’ – Amisi Criticizes Mudavadi and Wetangula for Betraying Raila

Caleb Amisi, a Saboti Member of Parliament (MP), has accused National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula and Prime Cabinet Secretary (CS) Musalia Mudavadi for ‘betraying’ Raila Odinga, the head of the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya alliance.

In a statement posted on his official X page, Amisi said that Mudavadai and Wetang’ula abandoned Raila at his time of need.

The member went on to say that the two have been politically punctured as a result of their choice to join the government as speaker and prime CS.


“Mudavadi and Wetangula betrayed Raila Odinga when Baba needed them at the most critical juncture, 2022. The Kalenjins and Kikuyus have never seen soldiers nor businessmen in the two. They will never see the kingdom of the Lord. They are politically punctured because of their greed and shortsightedness,” Amisi said.

The congressman went on to remark that the future of the Luhya country resided with the younger generation, which he describes as more ethical and courageous.

Amisi also said that the younger generations who have stood behind Raila through thick and thin are the most worthy of the leadership position in the Luhya country.

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“The hope of Mulembe nation lies in the young generation who are principled, audacious, says no when they mean no and yes when it is right to say so. Who have stuck with Raila through thick and thin and endured humiliation up to the end.

“The gods are not in favour of Eugene and Oparanya but your guess should not come too early. Kenya needs a renaissance! (SIC)” he added.

Mudavadi and Wetang’ula abandoned Raila in favor of Ruto in 2022, claiming that the two leaders had decided to work together with Ruto to improve Kenyans’ life.

“We have agreed to work with William Ruto to the end. This is not about seeking positions but working to better the lives of Kenyans,” Wetangula said.

Mudavadi, for his part, insisted that he would not alter his mind about his choice, adding that anybody who disagreed with Ruto should not pick friends for themselves.

“If you disagreed with Ruto, that’s for you. You cannot choose friends for us,” he said at the time.

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‘You Will Never See God’s Kingdom’ – Amisi Criticizes Mudavadi and Wetangula for Betraying Raila



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